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IITIL 4 Foundation Training

(General Management Services)

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Adaptive Leadership
Business Agility

The Agile Operations Foundation course is designed to help organizations in their adoption of a critical thinking model that aligns purpose with differing points of view to create intellectual standards around strategic planning, value stream management, service management, digital transformation, workforce transformation and business agility.

Agile Operations Foundation ® Course Syllabus (PDF)

The Agile Operations Foundation training helps empower participants at all levels of an organization with access to efforts that increase and enable business agility while aligning business goals and IT Operations.  


Every voice becomes a major stakeholder in innovation, transformation, co-creation of value, overall integration and swift value delivery. 

Agile Operations Foundations ® Student Workbook

Download this Student Note PDF to capture your thoughts during the training.  Choose the Word formatted version of this document below if you prefer.

Student Notes - Agile Ops Foundation

Download this Student Notes Word document to capture your thoughts during the training.  If you prefer a PDF formatted version of this document you can find it above.

Student Notes - Agile Ops Foundation

Scholarly Article for student consumption


The relationship between organizational trust, resistance to change and adaptive and proactive employees' agility in an unplanned and planned change context

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