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Paragon Delta Staffing (PDS) provides the human capital to support business technology modernization. As IT technology continues exponential expansion in business and the development and maintenance competencies need frequent updates, PDS has talent scouts that understand how to vet and recruit unicorns that fit the customer’s team dynamics. PDS can also resource talent from PDI.

At Paragon Delta we manage the interview and recruitment process to ensure that each candidate is screened and pre-qualified.  We assist in defining individual requirements and qualifications for candidate placement for areas such as; DevSecOps, Software Design/Development, Scrum Master, Platform Management, Infrastructure Engineering, Cloud Architecting, Big Data, Information Security and QA/Quality Control.  


Let us help you lessen demand on current resources while adapting to new technologies and streamlining operations and project workflows.  Our Staffing services are perfect for helping your teams increase capabilities and skills knowledge.  

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