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Synergy, Education & Experience in DevSecOps

"Everybody can be Great, Because Everybody can Serve."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

PDI is an association that advocates the education and development of global youth in the world of DevSecOps.  PDI expands the traditional meaning of DevSecOps to include more than the technology focused capabilities of software development, IT security controls and operations and platform management. PDI takes a holistic approach to DevSecOps by integrating IT Business Management and Informatics into the DevSecOps description.  The focus of PDI programs such as the Synergy, Education and Experience in DevSecOps (SEED) program, is to integrate business and IT skillsets and introduce them to disadvantaged youth globally so they can see themselves in these Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related disciplines regardless of whether or not they are top tier math students or interested in coding or robotics. Delivering upon IT innovations requires the co-creation of value between business and IT. PDI aims to increase the number and type of visionaries supporting digital transformation world-wide.   



Enterprise-wide businesses and IT agencies flourishing with informed, innovative, certified and synergized individuals that have experienced PDI's Synergy Education and Experience in DevSecOps (SEED) program.


Prepare youth to see themselves within and embrace the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related disciplines through mentorship, training, hands-on engagement, collaboration and consulting with DevSecOps and IT Business Management industry best practices, leaders, toolsets, frameworks, and workflows.

The SEED program is administered by PDI through the support of Non-Profit Organizations and private and public business donations.  PDI establishes Reginal Centers for the governance and facilitation of SEED Chapters.  These Reginal Centers oversee community engagement, supporting infrastructure availability, Training and Certification practices and event and boot camp management.













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