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Technology Consulting

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Paragon Delta Consulting (PDC) provides evaluation services to support a better understanding of the delta between a customer’s current state of technology optimization and the paragon or ideal state. Consultants use expert experience and various industry standard instruments (Balanced Scorecard, Baldrige, CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, COBIT, etc.) to support strategic planning and a comparison of the customer’s vision and mission to their current operational state and then analyze the gaps. Additionally, the consultants will coordinate the innovative process from prioritizing the gaps and testing potential solutions in an IT lab, through solution implementation and measuring the outcome of business value. Consultants are the primary
interface between Paragon Delta’s services and customers.

Business transformations require bold thinking and an honest assessment of an enterprise's goals and limitations. Addressing legacy systems and their impact on your business growth is something that should happen sooner rather than later. Success relies on the thinking and actions to identify, unlock, and drive new value across the enterprise.


Let Paragon Delta help you develop the necessary strategy to meet your business transformation goals.

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