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Why Choose Paragon Delta?

There are four primary reasons Paragon Delta stands out from the long line of companies pandering for your business.


Values - Our values are old school, derived from ancient wisdom. Love, Truth and Service.

  • Love - We are interested in maintaining a balance in our relationship with our partner, suppliers, employees, customers and governance bodies that is rooted in justice, mercy and humility.

  • Truth - We use the intellectual standards and critical thinking model to optimize accuracy, precision, clarity and depth and apply logic and multiple points of view to discover truth. We also ensure our staff is honest and fair when conveying knowledge.

  • Service - We focus first on our effectiveness to support our customers maturity towards their ideal state and then we apply principles to improve speed, cost and quality of their operations as well as our own.


Education - Our team has attended over 30 schools, attained degrees in leadership, business, information technology and various certifications in project/product management, process improvement, IT Service Management (ITSM), strategy, IT Business Management (ITBM), DevSecOps Practices and Agile Methodologies.  We insist on continuous learning to support of values of "Truth" and "Service".  Incorporating Paragon Delta Institute into our business services illustrates our high regard for learning.


Breath of Experience - Our team has experience in various industries including: information technology, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, sales, agriculture, government (Defense, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, State and Local). This breath of experience enriches our creative thinking capabilities, allowing us to draw cross industry solutions and apply them where they offer improvements to the current state.


Collaborative Nature - We seek out thought leaders and partner with businesses that share our values: universities, bloggers, industry performance leaders, software and platform suppliers and organizations that focus on evaluation (Gartner, Forester, NIST - Baldridge, etc.) and organizations that provide oversight.  We believe there are many stakeholders in solutions and good collaboration and communication is essential for effective and efficient solution deliver.

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