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““Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work.”

– Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project!”

DevSecOps is more than simply reducing product time to market.  If your organization is doing DevSecOps, then everyone in the team must be involved in the overall DevSecOps discipline, which focuses on strong collaboration, security integration and early feedbacks.  Paragon Delta advocates the education and development of cross-functional teams in the world of DevSecOps.  We expand the traditional meaning of DevSecOps to include more than the technology focused capabilities of software development, IT security controls and operations and platform management. Paragon Delta takes a holistic approach to DevSecOps by helping teams understand the 'why' of the build and deploy process.  By integrating IT Business Management, Modern IT Service Management and Informatics concepts into the DevSecOps description, Paragon Delta uniquely supports digital transformation from both the IT and Business point of view.  As George Spafford, Research Director at Gartner correctly stated...“People, not process, are the most common cause of DevOps failures.” 


Gain DevSecOps knowledge, network and support enterprise transformation and assist with employee professional growth and achievement.  Our DevSecOps Trainers and Coaches are standing by.

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