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Evaluate                                      Innovate                                      Prioritize                                     Improve

Our purpose is to walk with business partners and support progress towards their paragon (ideal state).


In order to prioritize resources needed to reduce the delta between current state and ideal state within your digital transformation framework, we offer evaluation, innovation, education and training services.

Our Services

Our Services

Partner with Paragon Delta to achieve your business goals and continuously deliver value.

Technology Consulting

Paragon is aptly illustrated by a large flawless diamond. Our technology consulting service intends to support the formulation of a clear Paragon Vision derived from evaluation of multiple facets (points of view such as adaptability, performance, velocity, elasticity, affordability, etc.).

Data & Analytics 

A well cut diamond perfectly reflects the same way, well managed data and analytics will illuminate your decision space.


We will incorporate data governance and mature analytics to best support your production of business value.

Technology Solutions

Overcoming the delta or gap to your ideal vision often requires making targeted equity investments in emerging technology and incubating new concepts to apply the latest technologies.

We can assist in appropriately  aligning tech with your toughest business problems.

We will support the development of your proof of concept in our Paragon Delta Labs (PDL).


Our Transformation Advisors will assist in appropriately  aligning tech with your toughest business problems, 



Our responsive team delivers IT staffing and recruiting services for companies of all sizes quickly by leveraging our deep network of existing relationships. Whether you require metered contract employees or technical direct hires, our team can fill your jobs fast. 


(PD Institute)

Advance and validate your Agile and DevSecOps expertise.  Help support the next generation of IT experts.


Let us help you gain knowledge, support enterprise transformation and assist with employee professional growth.  Our PDI Trainers and Coaches are standing by. 

Ready to find out more?

Contact us at for our consulting and coaching services or Paragon Delta Institute Products.

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